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Way of working and general conditions of the estate agency Kvintet

The general business conditions determine the working relations between the Real Estate Agency Kvintet as the broker, and the client (physical person or company).

The client accepts that they are familiar with the conditions of business of Kvintet Real Estate Agents.

All the property prices displayed on the Kvintet website already include VAT.

Kvintet Ltd. does following services for the seller:
-  they inform seller about the situation on the real estate market, which is important for the price forming and the property estimation.
- advertising in the media in the way chosen by the qualified broker
- organizing and leading the inspection of the property with the client, as well as leading negotiations during sales contracting process
- coordination of pre-sales and/or sales contract
- assisting by takeover of the property and composing the takeover report
- for the services carried out by selling property, Kvintet Ltd. charges the seller commission in amount 3% + VAT (25%) of the sale price.

Kvintet Ltd. does following services for the buyer:
- organizes and shows the chosen properties to the buyer
- gives the buyer proof on real estate ownership after the viewing the properties and all things regarding the property that the broker is aware of
- coordinates of pre-sales and/or sales contract
- coordinates the buyer and seller signature notarization at the public notary office
- the Kvintet agency representative is also responsible for the monitoring of the payments
- arranges all the documents necessary for transfer of the overhead expenses duty to the new owner
- for the services accomplished at the sales inter-mediation Kvintet Ltd charges the buyer commission in amount 3% + VAT(25%) of the sale price. The buyer is obligated to sign the Brokerage agreement before the property viewing. The commission is payable at the pre-sales or sales contract signature.

Total cost for the buyer:
1. In Croatia is common that the property transfer tax is paid by the buyer only. For the new properties, it is 0% and for the second hand properties it is 3% of the value of the estimated value of the property by the tax office.
2. The agency commission for the buyer is 3% + VAT
3. The public notary (solicitor) fee is normally less than 1% of the sales property price.
To summarize, the total cost that buyer pays is 3% for the new properties or 7% of the sales price for the second hand properties.

Annual on-going costs:
- Waste Disposal Charges are around 40 euro
- Communal expenses are around 50 euro
- Electricity charges - 0n 01.04.2017 charged @ 10 cents per kWh
- Water charges - On 01.04.2017 one cubic meter of water costs 92 cents
- Property maintenance is regulated through the service charges which is obligatory for the flats with more than 3 units and not for the houses. It is charged approximately 2 kunas per square meter. It means for the apartment of 50 m2 it would cost you around 100 kunas or 13 euros per month. From this amount for example all the repairs on the roof are carried with this money.

4 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms